Performing Arts


Siena College has a flourishing Music Department offering rich classroom, instrumental and ensemble programs through which students develop their skills from Beginning Level to VCE.

Students are encouraged to become involved in the vibrant musical life of the College by participating in one or more of our orchestras, bands, choirs or ensembles. Throughout the Academic year, these groups perform in College Concerts, Soirees, Awards Evenings, Open Evenings and Masses.

In addition, the College performs for special events during the year and in particular during Catholic Education Week. Music Camps together with Interstate and Overseas Music Tours are offered to extend senior students. The annual musical production a collaboration with Whitefriars College, is performed in a professional theatre.

The College offers tuition from many specialist instrumental staff, who continue to perform regularly in professional bands and orchestras.


Throughout the school year, Siena College students can be involved in many performances. Solo, group and musical performance highlighted by the twenty-five year annual Siena Whitefriars musical. Students have the opportunity to unpack scripts, to discover text and to learn how to make meaning from script, to follow stage direction, become a character, improvise and create comedy theatre. In addition there is the opportunity to join the College Junior Drama Club, where role play and improvisation form a key aspect of our afternoons, or become involved in drama festivals such as The Monash Theatre Drama Festival or the CEO Drama Wellbeing Festival. In addition, throughout the year, Drama students have the opportunity to assist in the celebration of Religious Events such as Easter Liturgies or College Masses through the dramatisation of readings. Through participation in their Drama classes, students have the opportunity to view a range of professional live theatre productions both in and outside the school setting.

The Performing Arts and Drama Centre is staffed by a team of teachers whose abilities and skills range across all aspects of theatre, performance, design and technical support.

Less choreographed but no less important are the many  co-curricular opportunities for students to participate in ceremony. From the College Patron’s Day – St Catherine’s Day and the much loved fiesta that follows.