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Academic Achievement

Siena College recognises and celebrates academic and cocurricular student achievement in various ways throughout the year.

Academic Awards are recognised for both academic excellence and endeavour and include:

  • Academic Endeavour Awards (Years 7-11)
  • Academic Excellence Award (Years 7-11)
  • Highest Academic Achiever (Years 7-11)
  • Academic Endeavour Awards (VCE Units 3 and 4)
  • Academic Excellence in Coursework (VCE Units 3 and 4)
  • VCE High Achiever Awards

College Colours

Siena College Colours are awarded in the fields of Academic Achievement, Debating, Performing Arts and Sport in order to recognise and acknowledge participation, contribution and excellence in these fields.

Colours are based on cumulative criteria and are awarded at three levels: Level 1 (Black), Level 2 (Silver) and Full. Full Colours are only obtained after long term commitment, valuable contribution and notable achievement in the relevant field. Academic Full Colours are awarded to students who have received Academic Excellence Awards for at least four years.

Students who achieve Academic Full Colours and Full Colours in at least two other areas are awarded the College Honours Blazer.