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Performing Arts Drama

Throughout the school year, Siena College students can develop their artistic potential by being involved in many performances including the annual College play. Students have the opportunity to unpack scripts, to discover text and to learn how to make meaning from script, to follow stage direction, become a character, improvise and create comedy theatre.

Siena College also works collaboratively with Whitefriars College to present an annual musical production.

Throughout the year, Drama students have the opportunity to assist in the celebration of Religious Events such as Easter Liturgies or College Masses through the dramatisation of readings.

Less choreographed but no less important are the many opportunities for students to participate in the College's patron’s day celebrations. St Catherine’s Day is a special celebration which includes the much loved Fiesta where the four Houses compete through drama productions that they develop, direct, choreograph and perform.

The Performing Arts and Drama Centre is staffed by a team of teachers whose abilities and skills range across all aspects of theatre, performance, design and technical support.