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Learning in the Arts

A wide range of arts subjects from Years 7 to VCE allow girls to develop their interest, skills and passion in the arts. Art, Drama and Music are offered as semester based subjects in Years 7 and 8 after which they can be selected as elective choices.

Students have the opportunity to perform and showcase their learning through, among other things, the annual Art Exhibition, drama and music performance events for visiting primary schools.


Throughout the school year, Siena College students can develop their artistic potential by being involved in many performances. Students have the opportunity to unpack scripts, to discover text and to learn how to make meaning from script, to follow stage direction, become a character, improvise and create comedy theatre.

Drama students have the opportunity to assist in the celebration of Religious Events such as Easter Liturgies or College Masses through the dramatisation of readings.


Curricular music develops students' knowledge and skills of the instruments of the orchestra, the culture of music, performance as groups, classes and individuals as well as music theory and aural skills. Students can elect to study music through to the completion of their VCE years.

Visual Arts and Technology

After exploring Art and Textiles through Years 7 and 8 students can elect to continue to study Art, Media, Photography, Product Design and Technology, Visual Communication Design and Digital Technologies into Year 9 and 10 and onto VCE. Student work is displayed and rotated in the purpose built gallery.