Siena Arts and Technology Exhibition 2020 | Siena College
Siena Arts and Technology Exhibition 2020

This year, we are displaying our Arts and Technology Exhibition on ArtSteps, a virtual and interactive gallery space. Within the virtual gallery, you can "walk through" the exhibition and view artwork by our Year 11 and 12 Arts and Technology students.

To access the exhibition, click here. For tips on navigating the exhibition, click the "i" in top right corner of your screen. Please be patient while the exhibition loads (it can take a little while but it is worth the wait!). Click on any piece of artwork to learn more.

Please note that if you are using a mobile device or tablet, you may need to download the ArtSteps app to access the exhibition. If this is the case just search for 'Siena College Arts and Technology Exhibition' in the search bar (or simply typing 'Siena' should bring it to the top of the list).

Exhibition Awards 2020

Congratulations to Alessia Tyson of Year 12 Studio Arts who was announced as the People's Choice Award winner for her installation entitled Kaleidoscope.

We also recognise Isobel Osboldstone of Year 12 Studio Arts who won the Principal's Choice Award with her canvas series, Journey of Life.

Some content was unable to be placed in the ArtSteps exhibition so can be found below:

Year 11 Drama

This unit of study focuses on studying aspects of Australian identity evident in contemporary drama practice. The students use and document the processes involved in constructing a devised solo performance using stimulus material that allows them to explore an aspect of Australian Identity. Students create, present and analyse a performance based on a person, an event, an issue, a place, an artwork, a text and/or an icon from a contemporary or historical Australian context. Students analyse their own performance work as well as undertaking an analysis of a performance of an Australian work.

Featured in this video are performances by:

  • Alexandra Yarak
  • Lisa Rassias
  • Kasey Bodin
  • Anastasia Barres

Music Performance

Year 11
This unit of study focuses on building performance and musicianship skills. Students present performances of selected group and solo music works using one or more instruments and take opportunities to perform in familiar and unfamiliar venues and spaces.

Year 12
This unit focuses on further development and refinement of performance and musicianship skills. Students focus on solo performance and continue preparation of a performance program they will present in the end of year examination. Through analyses of other performers’ interpretations and feedback on their own performances, students refine their interpretations and optimise their approach to performance. They continue to address challenges relevant to works they are preparing for performance and to strengthen their listening, aural, theoretical and analytical musicianship skills.

Music Performance Order and Artist Statements

Piece 1: Angelene Kalafatis

Melodiuos Etude

I am a VCE student studying classical trombone. This collection of etudes (studies) were originally vocalises written for tenor vocalists by Marco Bordogni in the Baroque period. They were later transcribed and arranged for trombone in 1928 by Joannès Rochut, then principal trombonist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Since then, the vocalises have been transcribed for many instruments and are a standard method of study for trombone students to improve technique and develop a ‘singing style’ of playing.

Piece 2: Aisha Bowker

Roumanian Folk Dances By Bartok

I am a VCE music student who studies the performance of classical piano. My work is a 20th century piece composed by Bartok. This piece explores small dances in a Romanian Folk style, utilising a variation of techniques for the piano.

Piece 3: Lucia Lane

VCE Performance Exam Repertoire

During this performance I sung pieces from a variety of styles which included country, jazz, musical theatre, blues, folk and contemporary balled. This allowed me to explore different aspects of my voice, practically variation in tone. This is evident in the contrast between the brightness in the timbre of the musical theatre piece and the smooth tone of the jazz piece.

Piece 4: Cara Graham

My 2020 clarinet music program entails Paul Reade’s Prelude, Don Banks Prologue, Krommer’s Concerto, Brahms’ Clarinet Sonata 1 in F Minor Movement 2 and Malcolm Arnold’s Fantasy.

In my 2020 clarinet music program I cover a range of genres and time periods that range from 1803 baroque to 21st century contemporary. Throughout the year I have developed my understanding of technical musicianship, musicality and movement. My program is an accumulation of my six years of clarinet practice, performance and repetition assisted by Dr Burke, Mr Ferris, Mrs McGillen and Mr Nieuwkerk.

Piece 5: Hannah Hine

Cool | By Leonard Bernstein

This year I am doing VCE Music Performance and I chose a program that explored many different styles of music. I chose Cool by Bernstein as I liked how unique the piece was and I have seen West Side Story. I chose to play Impromptu and Weissenborn as they are contrasting pieces and explore many different instrumental articulations and techniques. I have enjoyed exploring the range of my bassoon and improving my technique this year.

Piece 6: Isabella Crane

VCE Performance Exam Repertoire

Piece 7: Mary Constantineas

Mist | By Larry Sitsky
Sous les Êtoiles | By Amy Beach

I am a VCE student studying music performance. In this class we have had to prepare a repertoire to perform for our exam at the end of the year. The two pieces that I have performed are Mist, composed by Larry Sitsky, which is a graphic contemporary piece, and Sous les Êtoiles, composed by Amy Beach, which is a romantic piece, translating to “under the stars”. Both of these pieces have challenged me musically and also have made me discover new composers and works that aren’t as well known.

Piece 8: Melanie Auchterlonie

Tunisia and Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Child

Throughout my schooling at Siena College, the trumpet has always been a part of me and made me into who I am today. It connects me to various musicians around the world due to the same love and interest for music and playing to the world and to bring emotion to others. This year, I have learnt about a variety of music genres dating back to 1870s up to present day. This allowed me to broaden my knowledge and skill as a musician to play pieces from any year and in any form.


interviewing the interviewer by Bridget Hoy, Year 12
This year for my Media production narrative I produced a podcast. My aim for this piece was to interview a media personality, someone who we see in front of the camera but never really get to hear their story. My idea for interviewing the interviewer stemmed from this premise. After reaching out to a number of people, I finally got a response from Andrew Denton. In the interview I speak to Andrew about his career, what makes his interviews so outstanding and tips and tricks about interviewing. It was an amazing experience and I hope you enjoy hearing what Andrew has to share.

Finesse and Wow by Anastasia Barres, Year 11
Year 11 Media focuses on students developing an understanding of the concept of narrative in media products and forms in different contexts. They analyse narratives in both traditional and new forms including film, television, sound, news, print, photography, games and interactive digital media. Students also focus their study on the developments in media technologies concerning individuals and society. They examine a range of media forms relating to the effects of media convergence and hybridisation on the design, production and distribution of narratives in the media, audience engagement, consumption and reception.