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Learning Environment

'In single-sex classes, girls have been found to participate more, be more extroverted, and have more interaction with their teachers'

Parker and Rennie

Siena College is a learning community. We are committed to providing a challenging, enriching and supportive education in which all students are encouraged and supported to maximise their potential and develop into confident and articulate young women. The learning program is designed to cater for the interests, needs and collaborative ways in which girls learn, encouraging students to pursue their interests in any given field.

Siena College students are surrounded by strong female role models, in both their peers and alumnae, who encourage them to strive to achieve successful outcomes from their own efforts.

View the 'Why a girls' school' research on the Alliance of Girls School (AGSA) website.

New research from Cornell University in the United States explains 'Why Girls do better in single sex schools'.

Located close to the city, the College’s classically designed convent and adjoining chapel are complemented by contemporary, technology rich facilities that provide an aesthetically pleasing learning and teaching environment. The three storey St Catherine Centre houses a lecture theatre/auditorium, Year 12 centre, student services, art gallery, additional contemporary learning and teaching spaces and an upgraded and refurbished library.

Albertus Magnus Learning Centre

The Albertus Magnus Learning Centre enables the development of knowledge, collaboration skills and open minded and critical thinking in an environment where students are challenged to push the boundaries. Situated on the ground floor of the St Catherine Centre, the Learning Centre provides ideal spaces for individual work, group work or class lessons.

Students have access to a diverse range of fiction and non fiction texts as well as a significant catalogue of online resources through the College Learning Management System and ClickView applications.