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Professional Learning

The Professional Learning program supports the College's commitment to being a learning focused school. It is designed to support ongoing staff development of skills, knowledge and understanding, as well as greater self awareness through collaboration and sharing of best practice, leading to sustained improvement in professional practice and student learning.

Teaching staff regularly engage in cross faculty, evidence-based research to inform their teaching practice. Staff work together collaboratively to investigate, trial, analyse, evaluate and finally to make recommendations regarding our pedagogical direction and subsequent future teaching practice.

At Siena College access to quality, professional learning provides all staff with the opportunity to reflect, evaluate and improve their professional practice to enhance educational outcomes for students. The strategic goals are supported by targeted and ongoing professional learning. Staff members set personal and professional learning goals in developing their Individual Professional Learning Plans (IPLP). These plans form the basis of the Annual Review Meetings which acknowledge achievements by staff in their learning goals and help plan the future improvement strategies.