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Term 1, Issue 02



From the Principal

Elizabeth Hanney


Thursday, 20 February is noted as World Day of Social Justice. The United Nations writes, “Social justice ...

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Mission and Identity

Jennifer Levett

Deputy Principal Mission and Identity

Commencement Eucharist On the evening of Tuesday, ...

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Learning and Teaching

Bernadette Donnelly

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

Parent Teacher Interviews Years 7 to 12 Parent/Te...

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Antonella Rosati

Deputy Principal Wellbeing

Siena College is a Restorative Practices School R...

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Wellbeing Week at Siena

Minna Jewell

Leader of Wellbeing Programs

This week the Wellbeing Team launched our inaugura...

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e-Safety at Siena College

Minna Jewell

Leader of Wellbeing Programs

The landscape for making and sustaining friendship...

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Justice Education

Bronwyn Ilott

Head of Justice Education

Opportunity - a time or set of circumstances that ...

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Traffic Management

Tony Grant

Business Manager

Parents would be aware of the very busy streets su...

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Open Evening 2020

Tracey Grobbelaar

Director of Development and Community Relations

We extend a warm welcome to you and your daughte...

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Learning Centre

Siena College

Siena College Learning Centre is a vibrant and dyn...

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Siena Lesson Framework

Andrea Carter

Leader of Pedagogy

In providing opportunities to grow all Siena Colle...

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Music News

Kerryn McGillen

Director of Music

Year 7 Instrumental Music Information and Enrolmen...

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Sport News

James Houghton

Head of Cocurricular Sport

With training and fixtures commencing in Week 1, w...

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Year 7 Home Learning Program and NAPLAN

Donna Laughlin

Director of Learning and Innovation

Year 7 Home Learning Program Home learning is an ...

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Year 12 Programs

Anita Galli

Head of Senior Pathways

Year 12 Programs As the new Head of Senior Pathwa...

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Cultural Diversity in Language Classes

Dean Fleischer

Head of Languages

Cultural Diversity in Language Classes Our stude...

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Siena Career News

Clare Timmins

Head of Careers

It has been wonderful to commence the year chattin...

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Space School International Study Program

Siena College

Siena College is pleased to announce that we are o...

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Siena Central Tips

Jessica Sullivan

Siena Central Coordinator

Siena Central is our online learning platform that...

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Catholic Education - Term 1 issue out now

Siena College

The new issue of Catholic Education Today features...

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St Dominic's Primary Italian Festa

Siena College

2020 celebrates the fourth Italian Festa in Camber...

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