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Mission Matters

Feast of St Dominic

This week we celebrated the Feast of St Dominic with a whole school eucharist at St Dominic’s church. In his homily, our College Chaplain Fr Kevin Toomey OP reminded us that:

“Dominic and his friars went back to study and loved the word of God in the scriptures; from there they were able to present a renewed idea of what Jesus and Christianity were really all about. Dominic took all the Gospel to heart, but especially the reading we have for today. He was salt to the earth and a light to the world during his short but eventful life…”

Fr Kevin then went on to add:

“I hope today you will take some time to think ‘What is it that I am learning at Siena that I’ll take forward into my future life: is it the beauty of Jesus, or the goodness of each human being and their dignity; or how to reach out to the poor? Or some other value that I cherish?’ Whatever it is, may each one of you think of yourselves at salt and light to our needy world; as you do this you will be living out your school motto, VERITAS – truth.”

Plenary Council 2020

Exciting news - the Catholic Church is providing Australians with the opportunity to define the future of the Church in Australia with the Plenary Council 2020.  While the Plenary Council is, in part, a response to the Royal Commission it also provides the Catholic community with the opportunity to play a role in the consultation process as the Church embarks on a restart and a refresh by asking the question: what is God asking of the Church Australia?

It’s an opportunity for the Catholic community in Australia to affect real and much-needed change in our Church.

The consultation process began recently in Canberra where four open dialogue sessions were held. These sessions were aimed at engaging with disenfranchised Catholics who have left the Church in the wake of the Royal Commission. The sessions were held away from any Church-owned property to create an air of neutrality and an environment where each person could speak freely.

The dialogue sessions are the first step in a three-stage process: dialogue, discernment and legislation.

The process will culminate in a meeting involving all the bishops in Australia in Adelaide to be held in March of 2021. The goal of will be to distil the proposals resulting from the Plenary Council 2020 and transform them into points of action which will determine the future of the Catholic Church.

Find out more by watching Welcome to the Plenary Council

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