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National Tree Planting Day

Friday, 27 July was National Tree Planting Day. 8B Geography class decided that we would like to plant some trees around the school to celebrate. At first, Mrs Moore thought that we could dig the holes for the trees ourselves, until she later found out that there was actually a tennis court underneath where we would be digging! Therefore, Mrs Moore decided to request some help!

On the morning of the tree planting, our class split off into two groups: one group planted an olive tree next to the chicken coop and the other group planted two lemon trees in the Mezei House garden. I was in the group planting the lemon trees. The lemon trees weighed around 70kg, so we had to get some help to roll them into the holes! Once they were securely in, we were handed shovels and had the task of laying the soil that had been dug up, back on and around the newly planted lemon trees.

The lemon trees were in fact already 10 years old and had a couple of lemons sprouting on some branches. We were told that if the trees were planted correctly, were surrounded with enough soil, and earth that they would grow to live a strong healthy life.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable morning and I would definitely like to do something like this again!
Macey Brick, 8B

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