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Year 7 Language Study

Year 7 Language Study

Students at Siena College have the opportunity to study Chinese, French and Italian. Before starting at Siena, students choose two languages to trial in Year 7, one in each semester. At the end of the year, students decide which of the two languages they would like to continue studying in Years 8 and 9. The current Year 7 students are in the process of making this decision. Below is a little of their experience of language study this year.  

'When I first began learning my first language, I was very excited, as I had done very little language study at my primary school so I was very excited for the opportunity to be able to speak two languages: French and Italian. It was not just the fact that I would be able to speak the language it was that I could communicate to others who spoke that language when I would go and visit their country or go to a restaurant where they spoke the language. None of my family speaks anything except English so this was a very new experience that I was ready for. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning two languages and have learnt so much, from learning how to count to having a full conversation in French and Italian.'  Evie Goodale

'During my first year at Siena College, I have enjoyed learning French and Chinese. I have learnt many different ways of saying hello, goodbye and thank you. During Semester 1, I learnt French.  I not only learnt how to speak the basics of the language but we also got the opportunity to learn about the culture and how French children learn at school. We had a few French exchange students come in and spoke to us about their life over in France and the explain differences between Australia and France. This semester, I am studying Chinese, which has been extremely fun. We have learnt about the Chinese dragon and how to move the puppet around to create the dragon dance. We also had a special guest, Dr Wang Zhengting from the University of Melbourne who came in and showed us all the different Chinese instruments and played different tunes on each of them. We had a special performance where we heard a famous Chinese tune. I have really enjoyed learning these two languages.'  Abbie Sullivan 

'Learning a language at secondary school is enjoyable. I have learned Chinese and Italian. In Chinese I learned how to greet people, how to order food and I learned the names of different countries. We did many fun tasks and were able to hold the Chinese dragon. I am now learning Italian. So far, we have learned the alphabet, how to greet people, how to say our address and how to give and follow classroom instructions. It has been a really enjoyable and great experience.'  Leah Backlien

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