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Year 9 Enrichment Day

On Wednesday 26 July, Siena College hosted an Enrichment day for Year 9 students from the Boroondara Cluster. Students from Scotch College, Genazzano, Strathcona, and Camberwell Girls Grammar joined five Year 9 students from Siena to participate in the following areas: Philosophy, Psychology and Debating.

The first session was facilitated by Mrs Bronwyn Ilott, exploring questions such as 'What is the difference between right and wrong?', 'How do I know what I believe is true?', and 'What makes us valuable?' These questions were examined through philosophical discussion and focus activities. Through individual thinking and group activities, students explored the difference between assumptions and inferences, establishing the importance of individuals having their own set of values and attitudes. Students were given stimulus material on a Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate, Elie Wiesel, who gave an impassioned speech about the perils of indifference which reflects Desmond Tutu’s words, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”.

The second session, led by Mrs Libby Moore, explored psychology and the concepts of conformity and individuality. Using The Asch Experiment and the Zimbardo Stanford Prison Experiment as Case Studies, Mrs Moore explored the idea of conformity and examined the impact that social forces may have on the behaviour of individuals. Students were challenged to consider the relevance of these studies to not only their behaviour as individuals, but also to our contemporary society. The human need for connections through many social groups over a lifespan, was also discussed.

Ms Becky Scott facilitated the debating session, discussing the statement that individuals can have a larger impact than groups of people. Students unpacked the three elements of a debate: matter, method and manner before forming an affirmative and negative side to tackle this contention. 

Students’ reflection:

Although we were all nervous about beginning the Enrichment Day, we all found it a great opportunity to work collaboratively in higher order intellectual thinking in regards to what it means to be an individual. We thoroughly enjoyed the sessions that were run during the day.
Andrea Paramboukis, Maddie Mitra, Lauren Lane, Fiona Rassias, and Sophie Gurney.





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