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Siena Students Serve

The future is, most of all, in the hands of those people who recognise the other as a 'you' and themselves as part of an 'us.' We all need each other.                                                           Pope Francis 2017 TED Talk “Why the only future worth building includes everyone”.

Service to the Community Log Books will be distributed to all students in House Groups during Week 3.  The Service to the Community Program at Siena aims to assist our students to develop empathy and understanding of the lives of others, and to foster a willingness within each student to make a difference in our world.  Students are encouraged to pursue opportunities for service which would develop their understanding of poverty and disadvantage.  

Service opportunities will be advertised from time to time on the 'Service to the Community' tile on Siena Central.  Students are encouraged to seek opportunities for Service within their own community networks and local organisations and are reminded that their Service should be unpaid, practical and of assistance to others.  House Group teachers will periodically check on the progress of Service to the Community Log Books of their students and will report on these in House Group reports each Semester.  Parents are asked to support the College with this important facet of their daughter’s education.     


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