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Staffing Update

We extend a warm welcome to the following staff who joined Siena College at the commencement of the school year:


 We would also like to welcome back to the College the following staff who have returned from leave

  • Sue Lee (Health and Physicak Education teacher) 
  • Michelle Theron (Arts and Technology teacher) 
  • Claire Moody (Head of Student Formation) 

And finally congratulate these staff who have commenced the year in new roles:

  • Donna Laughlin (Director of Learning and Innovation) 
  • Ansalie Hanrahan (Head of Learning Enhancement) 
  • Tina Di Camillo (Leader of Pedagogy)
  • Bronwyn Illott (Head of Justice Education)
  • Minna Denholm (Leader of Wellbeing Programs)
  • Belinda Duncan (Head of Religious Education)





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