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Antonella Rosati

I am delighted to have joined the Siena community this year as Deputy Principal Wellbeing and to be leading such a wonderful team.  I am committed to wellbeing as it is integral to learning and to all activities that students participate in.  Student voice is key to wellbeing as it gives young people a sense of agency and ownership and I am looking forward to spending time with groups of students and hearing their views about what is going on in the College and in the wider community.

My educational philosophy is to create a Christ centred community of learners, modelled on excellence, who are inquisitive, brave and provided with opportunities to achieve success in an environment that is inclusive and supportive, regardless of background, gender or race.  

My experience in education spans over thirty years and I have built on my practical experience with further study, currently completing a second Master’s Degree, this time in Theology.  I am eager to be immersed in the Dominican charism as the Four Pillars of prayer, study, community and service drive all of our endeavours at Siena College.

Minna Denholm

My name is Minna Denholm and I have worked at Siena College for seven years. This will be my sixth year working directly in Wellbeing. I started as a Cassia House Assistant, moved to Transition Coordinator and this year I am thrilled to be Leader of Wellbeing Programs. I work directly with the Deputy Principal Wellbeing, Heads of Student Wellbeing, House Group teachers and students to implement the weekly pastoral program, orientation and transition days for new students.  This year I will liaise with Catholic Education Melbourne and Siena College staff in an exciting opportunity for Siena College to showcase its Wellbeing programs to other Catholic schools in the Eastern region. I am also undertaking further study having commenced a Master of Student Wellbeing at the Australian Catholic University, Melbourne.

Georgina Plasto

My name is Georgina Plasto and I am the Head of Student Wellbeing for Cassia House. I have been teaching at Siena College for eleven years in the Drama and English departments and was the Head of Learning in the Performing Arts for five years. It has always been my ambition to work as part of the Wellbeing Team and so when an opportunity arose for a Head of Student Wellbeing, I was extremely motivated to join a dynamic team to develop wellbeing programs and practices that best support our students. I am passionate about the wellbeing of our students and believe that a student’s education should be seen holistically. I feel strongly that the wellbeing practices and the relationships that we create with our students are paramount in their development in all aspects of life as it wfoundation for improved overall wellbeing, connectedness to school community and will enhance a student’s learning behaviours and motivation to achieve their best. We want our school to be a place where our students thrive, explore and make meaningful connections, a place where they are heard and understood, connected and encouraged. I look forward to working with the students and families of Cassia House.

Natalie Kinsella

I am incredibly fortunate to be working as the Head of Student Wellbeing for Dianella House at Siena College this year. As a new staff member to the College, I look forward to forming positive relationships with the students and their families as they continue on the exciting journey of secondary school. I am extremely passionate about student wellbeing and ensuring that the years students spend at school are full of goal setting and achievement, personal change, laughter and opportunity. I aim to provide support and guidance to all students so that they may become creative, confident and compassionate individuals and lifelong learners. 

As a Health and PE teacher, I am also very passionate about all things sport, working in teams, communication and building confidence. I love netball and barrack for the mighty Tigers in the AFL. I look forward to working with you. 

Maree Cody

I came to Siena College ten years ago in Term 4 as a Chemistry Teacher and a House Coordinator. During my time at the College I have taught Year 9 Religious Education, Years 11 and 12 Chemistry, Years 9 and 10 Science, Year 7 and 9 Mathematics and Years 7, 9, 10 and 11 Drama. Having taught VCE Theatre Studies at my previous school for many years, I was very keen to initiate a College Play for senior students as a cocurricular activity. This has proven to be very successful with many students strengthening friendships through their participation, whilst I have been able to nurture my passion for directing. It was my interest in theatre that led me to teaching – that was what I wanted to teach initially. A Chemistry method, due to many years as a pharmacist, ensured that I have always taught that subject. Working with our students on their wellbeing has been the unforeseen bonus. Now it would be virtually impossible to say what I love best: the sciences, mathematics, theatre and drama or very close and important work with the students. Thank goodness I don’t have to choose!

Jill Foley

I have built my career through a variety of roles and industries, most notably through Education and the European Entertainment Industry of the Arts, Television, Radio and Music Festivals.  This is my third year at Siena College.  In Waratah House we encourage and value creativity, flexibility and innovation and are always open to new and exciting opportunities. I have worn many hats.  My career history is diverse and creative both inside and outside of the traditional classroom structure.  I am a passionate and resourceful educator understanding what it means to be a transformational leader and as a creative thinker I enjoy working with others to create opportunities for contemporary learning.  I am so invested in the wellbeing of the young people I teach, shaping the whole person and encouraging them to develop positive, healthy relationships and strive for academic excellence.

I believe the role of the educator is to inspire young people so that they are able to construct a well formed world view, influenced by society's values and an understanding of how they can make a difference beyond the walls of Siena.  I identify with the values of integrity, empathy, fairness, equality and support. I translate this strength of vision consistently with students in my care. We also make sure that in Waratah we always have fun! Looking forward to another fabulous year in 2019.

Jennifer Lear

I have been a College Counsellor at Siena College since the start of 2015. I love being part of the Siena College community and part of the Wellbeing Team. I work from Monday – Thursday and I will be taking maternity leave shortly to have twin boys. I also have a young daughter, so I like to keep busy.  I moved to Australia at the end of 2014 from England, where I worked as a social worker prior to undertaking my doctorate in Clinical Psychology and working for the NHS. I will be returning from maternity leave at the start of Term 4 and look forward to continuing to work with the students and families here at Siena.

 Millie Holmes

My name is Millie and I am one of the counsellors. This is my third year at Siena College and prior to this, I held a variety of roles in child and adolescent outpatient and inpatient settings in the public and private mental health sectors. I have facilitated consults and educational workshops for young people, staff and parents on a range of psychological topics. Collectively these experiences have driven my interest and passion for working with young people and their families and I love the challenges and complexities of working here at Siena. I hope to continue supporting our students so that they can achieve their personal best and be self aware, enquiring, resourceful, individuals as student wellbeing is the platform for success in any school. I look forward to another year of working alongside staff, parents, and external agencies to help each of our students feel individually cared for, encouraged and valued. 

Lisa Ellis

My name is Lisa Ellis.  I am one of the new counselling staff members at Siena College.  I am working Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  I have previously worked with adolescents in Private Practice and within the Vocational Education system (TAFE).  I am looking forward to working at Siena, meeting the students and supporting them on their journey.  I have three young children who keep me busy when I’m not at work and who constantly remind me of the importance of laughter and being in the present moment.   When I have spare time, I love yoga, swimming, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Gemma Morley

My name is Gemma Morley and I am one of the new College Counsellors at Siena College for 2019. I have previously been working in private practice and at another local secondary school for the last five years. I am passionate about supporting the mental health of adolescents and I enjoy being able to work within a school setting. When I am not at work, I am busy being a mum to my two young children. I will be at Siena College on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays this year and I look forward to meeting many of the students and families throughout the year. 


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