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From the Archives

The HOTY (House of the Year) assembly is always an exciting event at Siena College. There is palpable tension before the bins are opened and when those red, blue, green or yellow balloons are released, the exuberance of the winning house is a joy to behold.

From the records we have in the Archives, we know that in 1948 there were two houses: Aquins (Red) and Calarogans (Green). In the 1973 Yearbook, four houses are mentioned: Red, Blue, Green and Gold. The 1974 Yearbook gives these four colours names: Waratah (Red), Dianella (Blue), Kurrajong (Green) Cassia (Gold). We welcome any information as to why the houses were given names of native plants. 

The Siena Yearbook was first published in 1972 and each issue is a valuable source for building our story. We are grateful to our Siena community for information prior to 1972. We also welcome corrections to the information we have in the Archives. 

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