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It was a wonderful privilege to attend Mass at St Francis Church with three of our FIRE Carriers on Sunday, 8 July to officially launch NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islanders Day Observance Committee) Week and to acknowledge the work of Vicki Clarke.  The theme for the 2018 NAIDOC week was 'Because of her, we can', a theme which brought honour to the work of all women in Aboriginal and Islander communities, but most especially on this occasion, to recognise the work of Vicki.  As a member of Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, Vicki was acknowledged as being a 'true, gentle warrior who has fought for her community with unwavering passion and commitment'.  Amongst Vicki’s many achievements, she was acknowledged for her vision in creating the FIRE Carrier Program (Friends Igniting Reconciliation in Education), of which Siena is very proud to be a part.  The congregation was uplifted and greatly inspired by the example Vicki has set for us all as we journey together towards Reconciliation.

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