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Learning and Teaching

We wish our Unit 3 students well as they sit their compulsory VCAA General Achievement Test (GAT) on Wednesday, 13 June. As a result, there will be no Year 11 or 12 classes on this day. 

We also wish our Year 9 to 11 students well as they prepare for their semester examinations which commence on Thursday, 14 June and conclude on Thursday, 21 June. 

Friday, 22 June is a student free day as teachers finalise their marking. Year 9 to 11 examinations will be returned via House Group and results will be entered onto Siena Central on 27 June. 

If a student is unable to attend an examination for some reason, parents and guardians need to contact their Head of Student Wellbeing and Student Reception. A student will receive a NS (not submitted, no penalty) for a school sanctioned reason, such as illness, or a NA (not assessed, zero) for a non sanctioned reason.

Semester 2 classes will commence on Monday, 25 June.

Bernadette Donnelly
Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

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