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Pastoral Program

Each Thursday we commence our day with our Pastoral Program, focusing on a range of specific year level priorities set up by the planning committee at the beginning of the year.  

The Year 12 cohort have been focusing on motivation and thinking for peak performance this term. The students heard from 2017 College Captain, Sinead Hickey and another high performing student, Livia Frattaroli, who focused on the importance of organisation, aiming high and setting high standards for yourself throughout the year. The girls also explored the positive psychology Legacy theory from the All Blacks New Zealand rugby team. Some of the key messages include:

  • Reflect, remind, reinforce and reignite your purpose
  • Champions do extra
  • Always have pride in your performance
  • The challenge is to always improve and to show humility
  • Play or study with purpose
  • See a wide not a narrow horizon
  • Practice under pressure and train to win. Study is not different
  • Training should be intense, regular and repetitious
  • You need to handle pressure at pivotal moments

YEARS 10 and 11
The Year 10 and 11 cohort have been focusing on our Dominican sisters in the Solomon Islands and their struggle with climate change, as part of our Catholic Social Teaching framework. Catholic Social Teaching covers all spheres of life: the economic, political, personal and spiritual. With human dignity at its centre, a holistic approach to development founded on the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, is what Pope Paul VI called ‘authentic development’. The Pastoral unit called ‘authentic sustainability’ focused on the girls discussing what we can do to help minimise the impact of climate change. While we may not feel the impact as immediately as our Pacific Island neighbours, the Catholic teaching principle 'Stewardship of Creation' asks us how we show respect for creation and reminds us that we are all responsible for taking care of the earth. The girls, as a result, debated what changes we could all make to minimise our impact, and ensure we are sharing resources equally. The girls watched the following clip to better their understanding:

The Year 7 and 8s have undertaken a four week program focusing on their own wellbeing. The students watched the following clips and then were asked to draw or write on the image attached that described their own sense of wellbeing

The girls were asked to reflect on the small things that happen in class that boost their wellbeing. The Berry Street Education Model calls these 'micro moments'. What are the many small thoughts, words and actions, rather than the big gestures or events that create and boost your wellbeing? The girls also reflected on the bigger activities that the College does to promote their wellbeing. 

In Week 7 and 8 of this term the focus will be on the first domain of the Berry Street Education Model which is about the body. We will consider the impact of chronic stress on the body and our overall wellbeing. The students will study physical symptoms of stress and actions that can be affected and also explore the hidden and noticeable effects of stress and the stress arousal curve. The attached de-escalation plan will help provide information that can assist with reducing stress levels and developing techniques to bring to class in order to achieve an optimal state of learning. We hope this will create even more enthusiastic and engaged students.



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