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Mission and Identity

Pentecost – the birth of the Church

In the story Luke tells, the coming of the Spirit introduces a season of reconciliation. The breach between people was symbolised in the story of the Tower of Babel and the division of people by language. That division is healed at Pentecost when people who had travelled from many different parts to celebrate the feast each hear the disciples’ words in their own language.  It follows that Jesus’ followers are to overcome divisions by forming a church united by the Spirit of Christ in discovering God’s love. 

After the story of Pentecost, Luke describes in idealised terms what the church is like when it lives in the Spirit. It becomes a place of reconciliation where people gather to pray, and share their goods together. The divisions caused by inequality are overcome in the life of the community, and people of different cultures and rank are reconciled with one another. 

'Reconciliation is another name for community – community grows when people are reconciled.'                                        
Andrew Hamilton SJ

Looking ahead to World Refugee Week 16 – 22 June 

When history looks back will it be to see them standing alone or will it see we were standing #WithRefugees ?

Today, more than ever, we need a global movement to demand the safety and rights of refugees are protected. In Australia, it is the responsibility of our Government - and each one of us - to ensure people forced to flee from their homes can live with dignity and with hope.

Click here to watch James Martin sj exploring a Scriptural perspective on refugees, migrants and foreigners.

In the lead up to Refugee Week, Manus Island detainee Farhad Bandesh has collaborated with Australian musician David Bridie (of My Friend the Chocolate Cake) to produce a single describing life in detention. Read about it here and watch the video clip here.




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