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Growth Vs Fixed Mindsets

Members of the Wellbeing Team ran a Professional Learning session for teachers about Fixed and Growth Mindsets.  Students with a fixed mindset have already decided that they can’t do something or are not good at a particular task.  Students with a growth mindset recognise that learning is the result of incremental effort and willingness to risk, not succeed and try again.  Parents can assist their children with developing a growth mindset by being consistently mindful of their own messages to them and the attributions that students are making about their own success.  Communicating the virtues of making mistakes and enjoying the challenges of effortful accomplishment and reminders about growth and progression of their skill-building and knowledge are valuable tools.

(Based on Berry Street Educational Model)

Studying and Exams

The pressures of studying and trying to remember a semester’s worth of information can be overwhelming to some students. But you can use certain techniques to improve the power of your brain and stimulate learning and memory. Exam stress is a feeling of pressure that many young people feel coming up to exam time. It usually occurs during the revision period before exams and immediately before the exams.

Stress is defined as an individual's response to pressure. A small amount of pressure can be useful to keep you focused during exam time. However, for some students, when they experience too much pressure for a long period of time, it becomes stressful and exam preparation and study seems impossible.

More information on managing exam and revision can be found on our School TV site.

Cabrini Emergency Discount

Siena College has entered into an agreement with Cabrini Health to offer the students (aged 17 years and under) of Siena College 50% discounted attendance fee (Cabrini ED kids’ discount) when presenting at the Alan, Ada and Eva Selwyn Emergency Department, Cabrini Hospital in Malvern.

Cabrini Emergency Department (ED) operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The discounted rate is $205 (8.00am-6.00pm weekdays) and $240 (6.00pm-8.00am weekdays and all weekend), subject to change. 

To claim the discount, the student or their parent/carer should notify Cabrini ED reception staff of their school membership. All participating schools will be listed at Cabrini ED Reception. 




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