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Learning Enhancement

Ten students from Years 8 to 10 recently travelled to Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC) to compete in the Boroondara Gifted Network Showcase, which involved presenting findings about issues pertaining to human colonisation on Mars. Leading into the showcase, students worked within pre selected groups of peers from participating schools and were required to collaborate using tools such as Google Hangouts to explore the following ideas relating to colonisation: the selection process of colonisers, the design of the city, laws and governance and money and financial exchange. The results of this research and the collation of information was presented to the Mars Relocation Committee (which included teachers and a student of astrophysics at Swinburne University) and the many parents also in attendance.

The day was a great success with students getting to meet face to face with their collaborators and presenting their hard work in a variety of media. Siena College students reported that they 'enjoyed the challenge of finding solutions to an issue that is not necessarily far away', 'working with like minded people' and 'showing their work to their parents at the Showcase'

Our participating Siena College students were: Lana Magyar, Sarah White, Gabrielle Mannix, Lucy Hodder, Zoe Kelly, Erin Baklien, Jasmine Skutela, Maria Ng, Audrey Phommasome and Jessica Ovens.
Gabrielle’s team won first prize, Zoe’s team won second place and Jasmine’s team won third place as well as the People’s Choice Award. Congratulations!

Goran Spoljaric
Learning Enhancement

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