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Learning and Teaching

Semester 1 Examinations

Year 9 to 11 examinations will be returned via House Group and results will be entered onto Siena Central on Wednesday, 27 June 2018. Parents and guardians will be able to also access examination results on this day.

Semester 2 classes will commence on Monday, 25 June. Students have received their Semester 2 timetable via email and it will be available on Siena Central as of Friday, 22 June.

Please also note that Term 3 commences on Wednesday 18 July, as Monday, 16 July and Tuesday, 17 July are two staff professional learning days.

Semester 1 Reports

As you are aware, in 2018 we have enhanced our reporting system through the implementation of online feedback via Siena Central. For each assessment task, students and parents/guardians have received timely feedback and the publication of assessment task results via Siena Central. Therefore, the Semester Report is a statement of results.

The Semester Report will cover the following areas:
The Year 7 to 10 Semester Report: 

  • Classroom Learning Indicators
  • Victorian Curriculum Capabilities 
  • Percentage score for Assessment Tasks
  • An overall subject percentage score result 

The Year 11 Semester Report: 

  • Classroom Learning Indicators 
  • VCE Learning Outcomes (S or N) 
  • Percentage score for Assessment Tasks
  • An overall subject percentage score result 

The Year 12 Semester Report: 

  • Will publish the Classroom Learning Indicators 
  • Will publish the VCE Learning Outcomes (S or N) 
  • Will publish S or N results for Assessment Tasks  
  • Will only be published in Semester 1 (there will be an individual Catholic Studies subject report in Semester 2)

All Years 7 to 12 students will receive a House Group Report and those studying an instrument will also receive a music report.

How to Access Reports in Siena Central

Please refer to the instructions (below) on how to access your daughter’s Semester Report. You will be able to download this report on Friday, 29 June at 3.30pm. 
1. In Siena Central, choose your daughter’s name from the list of My Students
2. Choose the 'Academic Reports' tab from the menu bar under the student profile

If you encounter any issues logging in to Siena Central or accessing Academic Reports, please contact or call 9835 0200 and ask for IT. 

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