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World Scholar's Cup

A few weeks ago, the following students from Years 7 to 10 participated in the World Scholar’s Cup: Jessica Ovens, Elena Cruz, Gabrielle Mannix, Savannah Young, Lucasta Cain, Carla Goutzoulas, Madeleine Quin, Bridie Warren, Charlotte Dickson, Lauren Edwards, Jessica Higgins and Mia Kelly. 

The goal of this competition is to inspire in young people a love of learning, confidence in new skills and a sense of global citizenship. During this event, the selected students competed with schools from across Victoria in four events: Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, Scholar’s Challenge and Scholar’s bowl. The theme of this year’s Scholar’s Cup was ‘An Entangled World’.

The topics that the students studied in preparation for this competition included human relationships, the history of diplomacy, black market economics, the science of memory, art, music and literature. The students are to be congratulated on their fantastic results and enthusiastic participation in debating rounds, individual and group writing tasks and intelligence quizzes which took place over two days. At the end of the competition, the students were awarded numerous silver and gold medals and trophies in both individual and team categories. 

All four Year level teams earned an invitation to the Global Round of the World Scholar's Cup. There are three Global Rounds which bring together 5000 students from over sixty countries. The students have the opportunity to compete in the Global Round that will take place in at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Thursday, 16 August to Tuesday, 21 August. Participants in all three of the Global Rounds will have equal opportunities to earn invitations to the final conference at Yale University, to be held in November 2018.

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