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Mathematics Faculty News

The year has started well with all year levels involved in learning new material and consolidation from last year. Our newest students, the Year 7 cohort, have had a very positive start. They have started the year involved in a variety of concepts in geometry, with a number of activities have helped to solidify some of the concepts being covered in class. The girls have discovered angles around the school and have explored the relationships in perpendicular and parallel lines. The girls have enjoyed doing Kahoots as a way of revising ideas covered in class. Home learning will be starting this week and I am sure that the girls are looking forward to this.

At the other end of the school spectrum the Year 12 students have started well and are working hard in collaboration with their teachers. All classes are focused on ensuring the girls develop good study techniques with opportunities for consistent revision.

Maths Help is being well supported and we would love to see more girls come along on Tuesdays at lunch time in B115 to receive help with questions, complete their homework in a supported environment or just have a slightly different explanation of concepts that are being covered.

We look forward to continuing working with our students and all parents this year.

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