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Mission and Identity

Ash Wednesday

The beginning of Lent will be marked at Siena by prayer services in each House led by senior House Captains.  The Prayer Service comprises a Gospel Reading, Prayers of the People, distribution of ashes blessed at St Dominic’s and the launch of our 2019 Caritas Project Compassion campaign – Give Lent 100%.  All House Groups will be given a Project Compassion box which students can use to collect funds across Lent to support aid and development projects in Zimbabwe, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, Australia, Bangladesh and Vietnam. Find out more about Project Compassion here.


During the season of Lent our tradition asks us to fast from something… Technology perhaps? Try this doable Lenten Carbon Fast.
There is a current encouraging trend to take up something as well as give up something during Lent: taking action on behalf of refugees and asylum seekers, becoming better informed about a social issue, undertaking a random act of kindness, volunteering your time... 

Ask yourself: What does Lent and the approach of Autumn mean to me?
How can I tap into these annual rhythms in my personal, family and professional life? 

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