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Year 7 eSafety in Skills for Learning

Skills for Learning is a subject offered only at Year 7, aimed at helping our students settle into secondary school. It is a unique subject that has a weekly or fortnightly focus on different areas of student development including the introduction and evolution of growth mindsets, virtual tours through our learning platform Siena Central and recently an emphasis on the appropriate online behaviour expected by Siena students.  

At Siena College we understand that making social connections is a part of growing up. Research by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner shows that young people see connecting to others as the most important benefit of using social media. It takes time to practice and develop the skill of connecting with others, both online and offline. 

In Skills for Learning we have discussed building our social and emotional skills to help us stay safe online. These include responding respectfully, taking responsibility for our individual presence online and taking action by reporting negativity to the relevant Head of Student Wellbeing. 

Parents are reminded that helpful information regarding adolescents and eSafety can be found at the Office of the eSafety Commissioners website:

Further information is also available on School TV

Siena College does not allow students to be on their phones whilst they are on campus. Phones must be kept in student lockers at all times throughout the school day and will be confiscated if they are viewed by staff at an inappropriate time, including at recess or lunchtime. 


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