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Siena College Captains featured in Leader News

Our School Captains are featured in the Leader News, sharing what their generation will contribute to the future.  You can collect a copy of the Leader News here

Jade Devlin, 18

Our world is a turbulent place in a constant state of change, from our future jobs to the climate.  Our generation will have to face challenges never seen before with the proliferation of technology.  So, how do we make a lasting impact?  We can start by restoring humanity to our world.  This can be done by becoming engaged in our world and focusing on the greater good.  We can start by consoling someone on a bad day, supporting equal rights or picking up a piece of litter.









Charlotte Lack, 17

Our generation is an era ruled by technology, constant curiosity and bold ideas and aspirations.  I believe that our generation is a conscientious, hardwokring and pragmatic age group who are truly passionate about social activism and standing up for what they believe in.  I feel that Generation Z can truly help advance our world as a whole, developing new cures for diseases thought previously untreatable, continuing to minimise the gender pay gap and creating and sustaining a renewable, ecological society.  All due to the desire and passion to create, help and mend out fragmented world.

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