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Year 7 English

On Wednesday, 6 March all the Year 7s listened to a presentation by performance poet Joel McKerrow. He performed three of his poems highlighting different topics such as politics, self identity, self confidence and how he is proud to have red hair and how he loves himself because of his perfect imperfections. In one of his poems about politics he used a story about his son as a metaphor to represent how he wishes that world leaders wouldn’t hurt others. 

Durinig his workshop, we learnt how he finds inspiration for his poems by using simple strategies such as flow of conscious writing, where you write about whatever you’re feeling or thinking. Another technique was creating a mind bank, where you write about the person that everyone else sees, and about a part of your personality that no one gets to see. You then find one of the phrases that you wrote down and write down whatever comes to mind when you think or imagine that particular word.  

 We feel that the workshop helped improve our poetic writing, and expanded our minds to use more diverse strategies when writing poems. We all enjoyed taking part in the workshop and listening to Joel’s ideas. 

Gabby Cossa and Zoe Smith (7D)


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