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Kampaign Kopanang

With the impending Siena Immersion experience at Kopanang, near Johannesburg, South Africa, the Year 11 Politics class along with Immersion participants conducted a mock election to raise funds for our South African friends.  

Six 'candidates' from the main Australian political parties delivered probing speeches covering current pertinent policies. The receptive crowd was encouraged to buy as many votes as possible and then record their preferences in order to raise funds for the trip. 

Consequently Kampaign Kopanang 2019 raised over $700 which will buy sanitary products, basic stationery items and sewing and craft items for the women and children at Kopanang in the next few weeks. 

Congratulations to all girls for such sterling performances and marvellous contributions for a good cause. We look forward to news of the exploits in Kopanang 2019.


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