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Learning and Teaching

Activities Week

We wish all our students a successful Activities week. This program is well planned and supports the learning and wellbeing of our students. We look forward to hearing the stories of their experiences on their return in Term 2.

Siena in the City Parent Showcase Evening

Year 9 students will present their Siena in the City group findings at the Parent Showcase on Wednesday, 8 May. The evening will take place in the St Catherine’s Centre from 7.00pm to 8.00pm. 

Semester 1 Examinations

Year 9, 10 and 11 students will undertake Semester 1 examinations in June, commencing on 17 June and concluding on 21 June.  Students studying a VCE Unit 3 and 4 subject will sit the compulsory VCAA GAT (General Achievement Test) on 12 June. Please note, there will be no Year 11 or 12 classes on this day.

2020 Accelerated Studies Criteria

In Term 3, students will be asked to select their subjects for 2020.  A student applying for an accelerated studies subject in 2020 must have proven ability to cope with the workload, have sound organisational skills and have demonstrated excellence in her chosen Year 9/10 subject area.  The accelerated study subject must not negatively impact on the remaining Year 10 to 11 subjects and a high level of literacy will also be beneficial.

It would be expected that a Year 9 student considering applying to study a Unit 1 and 2 subject as a Year 10 student, would be performing at a high academic standard, achieving results of 80% or higher in the relevant subject area and averaging 75% or higher in at least four other subjects studied in Semester 1.  A Year 10 student applying to study a Unit 3 and 4 subject will need to have achieved 80% or higher in the subject and an average of 75% in three other Year 10 subjects. Heads of Learning will oversee the application process.

A student who does not meet the criteria based on Semester 1 results is able to reapply at the end of Semester 2, but cannot be guaranteed a place. If you have any questions regarding the accelerated studies application process, please contact the relevant Head of Learning or the Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching.

In early Term 3, current Year 9 and 10 students will receive a hard copy of the 2020 Subject Handbook and the current Year 11 students will receive an interactive digital copy of their Subject Handbook. More details regarding the subject selection process will be published at a later date.

Term 1 Holidays

The Term 1 break is a great opportunity for our students to relax and be reinvigorated. We would expect that Year 10 to 12 students would be using some of the holiday period to complete set work, prepare for Term 2 topics and start revising for their Semester Examinations. Year 7 to 9 students will not have any set home learning over the holidays, but we do encourage them to continue with their wider reading.

It has been a very smooth term and the girls seem well adjusted to their new classes. I thank the girls and their teachers for their efforts this term. I wish our students, parents and guardians a well deserved break and a joyful Easter.

New Staff Profiles

We extend a very warm welcome to Therese Black who teaches Year 12 Maths Methods, Year 11 Maths Methods, Year 10 Pre Mathematical Methods, Year 9 Mainstream Maths and Year 8 Key Maths. Therese graduated from the University of Melbourne and Australian Catholic University (formerly Christ College).

Therese was Head of Maths for seven years at Killester College in Springvale and was more recently Leader of Teaching and Learning for Years 7 to 9.

Therese is also a past Siena student (Class of 1982) and her four daughters attended the College from 2006 through until 2016.

Many of you will have had the chance to speak with our friendly new Student Receptionist, Jodie Chiodo. Jodie comes to us from Xavier College and Sacred Heart Girls College where she also worked in Student Reception for a number of years. We are thrilled to have the benefit of Jodie's extensive experience in administration roles and are very pleased to have her in a full time capacity.   

Jodie’s home life is brimming with two dogs, a cat, three children and a husband, and she is a passionate Tigers supporter!

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