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Year 10 Digital Technologies

Student Reflection

On Monday, 18 March we participated in a session with ‘Robogals’, an inspiring group of women in engineering. With a combined class of Year 9 and 10 students, the ‘Robogals’ placed us into groups of two or three and gave each group a robot. They also gave us a computer, with the program Mindstorms on it, designed to communicate with the hardware of the robot, and make it do particular functions. First, we had to make our robot turn and reverse. Using the symbols and loop functions on the program, we eventually managed to make our robots have a wrestling tournament! A square was marked with tape on the floor and all the robots stayed in this square. Using light intensity features, in the settings section of the robot, and program, the robots reversed every time they reached the tape. We each lined up our robot and off they went, ramming into each other. It was a delight to see which robot would win. This session with ‘Robogals’, inspired and made me want to pursue a job in engineering. The ‘Robogals’, enlightened me on the different sorts of engineering, and the role of engineering in our society, along with exciting career opportunities in the future!

Amanda Marasco SKA 

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