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Year 10 Drama Excursion

Arts Centre Tour and Performance of Lady in the Van

The Year 10 Drama students recently travelled into the city to see Allen Bennett’s play, The Lady in the Van. Before the performance we took part in a tour of the Arts Centre. We learnt about different theatre spaces, stages, architecture and design and the history of the buildings. Following this informative tour we enjoyed lunch at Southbank before the performance, starring Miriam Margolyes in the Playhouse Theatre. We found the performance very enjoyable and loved the city experience.

In Drama class we are currently analysing and evaluating the performance with a focus on how an actor creates a character, the use of production areas including lighting, sound, set design and direction, and how these work to help tell a story creatively and symbolically. We also analyse mood and how an actor-audience relationship is created.


  • The State Theatre is the fourth largest stage in the world?
  • There are over 70,000 golden spheres on top of the State Theatre roofline that are purely decorative
  • Each of the four theatres at the Arts Centre use contrasting colour palettes that are inspired by Australian foods and minerals
  • The walls that adorn the theatre and foyers are made of velvet, leather, gold leaf, marble and concrete pillars that have been painted to look like marble
  • Swarovski crystals make up the chandeliers in Hamer Hall
  • The top of Arts Centre spire was designed to resemble a ballerina’s tutu
  • Like an iceberg, only ten percent of the Arts Centre appears above ground. The other ninety percent is underground, going down approximately 6 to 8 levels

Ally Yarak and Anastazia Maddaluno

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