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Year 10 Religious Education

Unit One Religion and Society Excursion – Year 10

As part of their study of Religion and Society, the Year 10 cohort embarked on a visit to the Jewish Holocaust Centre and St Kilda Hebrew Congregation to enhance their understanding of the Jewish religious tradition and learn about Judaism in Australia. It was an opportunity to see how religions and the societies in which they exist have a dynamic interrelationship – each can impact each other significantly and the consequences can be enriching or devastating. 

Student reflection:

The highlight of the day was learning about the tribulations that Jewish adherents had experienced during the Holocaust and throughout other points in history at the Jewish Holocaust Museum. I learnt more about the camaraderie between Jewish people in the concentration camps, and how the values of Judiaism had connected victims of the Holocaust together spiritually. Although the Holocaust was a disastrous event, it laid the foundation for strong bonds within the Jewish community and demonstrated the strength and endurance of Jewish adherents as well as the loyalty they had to each other and God.  I often wonder about how the Holocaust affected non Jewish people that were affiliated with victims of the Holocaust. I think of the non Jewish people that had family and friends that were victims of the concentration camps and how it may have changed their outlook on the events that occurred during that period of time. I would also like to know more about what non Jewish people did to help Jewish adherents that were prosecuted during the Nazi regime. 

Eleanor Fels, Year 10

How important do you believe interfaith dialogue is to creating peace?

The role of interfaith dialogue is to connect adherents from various religions to discover similarities and differences between them, and cultivate respect and high esteem for the values and beliefs that others hold. Interfaith dialogue creates a connected community where we can understand the culture of others, and how it may affect their personal outlook on life. Due to interfaith dialogue, people around the world have been able to gain an understanding of the Jewish faith, and what it means to its adherents. When we don’t understand something or are not exposed to it, we can find it threatening. Sharing our values and beliefs to others through interfaith dialogue can foster an appreciation of religions other than our own. It is important to explore the diversity of other religions to further develop an understanding of a different culture and way of life.


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