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Year 12 Literature

Student Reflection

In Week 6, the Year 12 Literature class had the opportunity to participate in an incursion where actors performed scenes from Tennessee Williams’ play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. We were fortunate to share this experience with students from Koonung Secondary College and Camberwell Girls’ Grammar School, who are also studying the play. The skilful performances of the actors provoked much discussion amongst the students as we shared our individual interpretations of the play, the playwright’s message and how it impacts the audience. Seeing the three actors perform was an immersive experience which let us momentarily travel to the world of the play and more closely experience the powerful emotions of characters and tense atmospheres of scenes. This developed our understanding of the story while revealing the skill and detailed interpretation which actors need to portray characters according to the playwright’s wishes. The incursion helped us to build our own unique interpretations of techniques and characters and enriched our study of literature showing how written texts can be transformed into dynamic representations of meaning. 
Emilee Molcik Year 12

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