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Siena Design Experience

Student Reflection

On the last week of Term 1, I had the opportunity to participate in a week long architecture experience with eleven other Siena students. On the first day of the course we travelled to the Williams Ross Architect offices in Fitzroy and met Amanda and Robbie who explained to us what an architect’s role is and arranged for other members of their team to talk to us about their roles. We learnt about careers that can develope with architecture, how to become an architect and what an architect does in their everyday work life. We were then divided into groups and were given the role of  ‘client ‘ where we created a brief for another group for the redevelopment of the Agora Gardens area (rear basketball courts) at Siena. We then worked in our teams to design an area for another team (client). Throughout the week we developed a building to fit the criteria of our clients brief. On the second day we went to the Agora area and took photos so that we could understand the space where out design would go. Then we began drawing bubble diagrams, to map out what the building would look like and develop our concepts and ideas. This really helped us to understand where everything would be placed and it made it very easy to begin the process of designing our building. The next day we created a floor plan which we based off our bubble diagrams. From there we created elevation drawings and a 3D model on the computer to bring life to our ideas. Lastly we presented out designs to our parents, staff and members of William Ross Architect firm. Overall, this was such an amazing experience and I have learnt so much from it.
Victoria Zikas (Year 10)

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