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Year 7 Camp

On Wednesday, 3 April the Year 7 cohort and several staff members travelled to Camp Rumbug in South Gippsland. The camp provided the students with opportunities to meet girls from different houses and point groups, to continue to build their connection to the Siena Community. They participated in a range of activities that challenged them both physically and mentally, building their ability to problem solve and improving their resilience and stamina. It was a most pleasant experience and we are very grateful to the staff who accompanied the students to camp. We are especially thankful for the work that Ms. Georgie Plasto and Mrs. Natalie Kinsella contributed to the overall organisation of the camp. 

“At Camp Rumbug we had lots of fun participating in different activities and making new friends, it was nice to see everyone encouraging each other do their best. My favourite activity was tree climbing, even though it pushed me out of my comfort zone. It was lots of fun and I enjoyed challenging myself. This camp was a very different experience to Primary School because I didn’t know everyone, but by the end of it I had made new friends. It was a great way to end Term 1”.
Roxanne Champion

“On 3 April,  the Year 7 students set off for Camp Rumbug. Everyone was buzzing with excitement and nervousness, but we all knew that we were going to have an amazing and adventurous three days ahead. I was excited for all the memories I was going to make and nervous about some of the challenges, one being the giant swing. When it was time for my group to participate in the Giant Swing I wasn’t sure if I would do it or not. Through my groups encouragement I worked up the courage to face my fear of heights and completed the activity. It was amazing, everyone was very supportive and I was so proud of myself. I had a great time at camp and enjoyed the opportunity to meet new girls and make new friends”.
Grace McPhee 

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