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Francesca Ohlert visit

Siena students were privileged to spend a lunchtime with Francesca Ohlert on Wednesday, 18 April. Francesca is a Melbourne based writer and editor and ambassador for the Shared Stories Anthology, an annual collection of writing and artwork submitted by students across Melbourne.  Francesca spoke to our writers about the role of reading and language in her life and the power of words to move and transform people.  Our girls were encouraged by Francesca to seize opportunities to become members of writing communities, both in school and beyond, taking opportunities to practice writing and publishing work wherever possible. 

One such opportunity available to Siena students is to enter a piece of writing to be published in the Shared Stories Anthology. In 2018, the Shared Stories theme is “Live Simply, Simply Live”.  Students are encouraged to submit pieces of poetry, prose or art work relating to this theme to Mrs Ilott by the end of Term 2.

All students are warmly invited to join Siena’s own writing community, the Siena Writers Group, where they will be given the opportunity to meet with like-minded peers, to experiment with their writing under the guidance of a staff member. The group meets each Thursday at lunch in B214.  

The session with Francesca was so insightful and interesting.  Francesca provided a great perspective on how she got into writing her own stories and encouraged us to realise that there is a style for everyone. She also reinforced the idea that with practice you will improve and I found that truly inspiring. 
Hayley Di Stefano, Year 9 

Francesca was amazing to listen to! She has inspired me to keep practicing and to achieve the impossible.
Indira D’Sylva Year 7

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