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Music Department News

Generations in Jazz 

Each year Siena College takes two bands to Generations in Jazz who perform at an incredibly high standard. This year was no exception. In each division, students perform a test piece, a ballad and an own selection. Our girls did exceptionally well with the Stage Band finishing 5th in Division Three out of 29 bands, and the Sisters of Swing came 14th out of 26 bands, many of which were senior ensembles at their schools. The girls played with exceptional sensitivity and musicality which is a testament to themselves and their ensemble directors Emily Caracella and Ivan Rosa. Congratulations to all involved.

It is not often that in a group activity where we strive for cohesive performances that students receive individual accolades. However, over the weekend Celina Maderski was given the honour of being selected for the Division 4 Superband at Generations in Jazz. A bit like the All-Australian football team, Super Bands are made up of the best students on each instrument across the whole division, meaning that Celina was considered the best baritone saxophone player out of 50 students. She was told by Ross Irwin, one of the festival’s organisers and trumpeter in the Cat Empire that she had a “monster sound.” Congratulations to Celina for all her hard work.

The Trombone section in the Siena College Stage Band was awarded the Bach Trombone award for the best trombone section in their division. The section who wins the award receives $1500 of brass products for their school. The winning section, consisting of Melanie Myrtle, Madeline Harris, Mia Flynn and Emily Bolton, have shown endless dedication to their craft, and their countless hours of individual practice have paid off. Credit goes to the girls and their teacher Emily Caracella who has worked tirelessly over many years to help these girls to reach the heights they have achieved this year. Congratulations girls!

Autumn Concert 

The Autumn Concerts, featuring many of our large and chamber ensembles will be held in the Susan Alberti Auditorium at Siena College, on 23 May 2018. The concert is split into two halves with the following ensembles performing in either half. Our 2018 Junior Band will perform for the first time, so families are encouraged to arrive early to secure seats in the auditorium.

Concert 1 
Commences at 5pm (in performance order): Symphonic Band, A Capella Choir, Groove Train, Clarinet Ensemble, Junior Band, Junior Choir, VCE soloists

Concert 2
Commences at 7pm (in performance order): Senior Choir, Senior String Ensemble, Planet Groove, Galway Flutes, Folkus, Guitar Ensemble, Junior String Ensemble, Wind Orchestra

Student and Parent Instrumental Music Handbook

The 2018 Student and Parent Instrumental Music Handbook has been distributed to parents of music students via email.  This valuable resource is also available on Siena Central and we encourage parents and students to please read through the information supplied.

Shannon Barnett Workshop 

Shannon Barnett, an Australian trombonist, vocalist and composer and important contributor to the Australian music scene, will be coming to Siena to work with our trombone and jazz ensemble students. After seeing Shannon performing at Generations in Jazz, I have no doubt our students will be inspired by her workshops and lessons on Thursday, 17 May. Shannon won the Young Australian Jazz Artist in 2007, released several albums and travelled the world performing with recognised performers. She is currently living in Germany and will be visiting 'home' for a few weeks in May. 

Upcoming Music Events 

Date Event Location Students Involved
Thursday, 17 May Shannon Barnett Jazz and Trombone Workshop Susan Alberti Auditorium Jazz ensemble students and Trombone students
Friday, 18 May 
Year 9 Music and Beyond Excursion - "Strictly Ballroom" National  Theatre,
20 Carlisle Street,
St Kilda
Wednesday, 23 May
Concert 1: 5pm
Concert 2: 7pm
Autumn Concerts Susan Alberti Auditorium Ensembles: Junior Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Orchestra, Junior Strings, Senior Strings, Folkus,
Planet Groove, Groove Train, Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Guitar Ensemble, Galway Flutes,
Clarinet Ensemble and VCE Year 12 soloists
Thursday, 24 May VCE Music Recital Evening Susan Alberti Auditorium VCE UNits 1 and 3 Music Performance students
Wednesday, 30 May
Year 10 Music Performance - MSO Meets Tripod Excursion Hamer Hall, Melbourne Year 10 Music Performance Class
29 May - 1 June Instrumental Music Assessment Week  Siena College Music Department All students learning an instrument at Siena College
Thursday, 7 June Year 10 Recital Evening Susan Alberti Auditorium Year 10 Music Performance class
Thursday, 7 June Lunchtime Soiree #2

Suan Alberti Auditorium Students who have nominated for this will be contacted by email
Thursday, 14 June Lunchtime Soiree #3

Susan Alberti Auditorium Students who have nominated for this will be contacted by email
Friday, 15 June
Clasax Saxophone Ensemble Competition Fintona Girls School, Balwyn Siena College Senior Saxophone Ensemble
2-3 July 
A Chorus Line
holiday rehearsals
Siena College A Chorus Line cast and orchestra


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