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Year 12 Politics

Just before school returned for Term 2, a number of Year 12 students visited Canberra. The inspiration for the trip came from one of our students, Jess Broderick, who argued that students studying Australian and Global Politics and Legal Studies should find out first hand how laws impact on society and how government operates. Mr Petrie organised the trip and joining him and the students were Ms Walsh and Ms Judd.

Visiting the Governor General’s residence was a highlight, as was the High Court, old and new Parliament Houses, the Australian War Memorial and the National Gallery, just to name a few.  We were extraordinarily fortunate to be able to meet with political aides and have an hour with Minister Josh Frydenberg who discussed the work of a politician and the various key roles in which he has been involved. He then answered the many questions students had for him.

We are indebted to the support shown by Mr Merv Kiley who helped arrange the visit with Minister Frydenberg.  The trip to Canberra was an amazing experience!

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