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Year 8 Enrichment Day

On Wednesday, 2 May, Siena hosted a Year 8 Enrichment Day called “All Fired Up” for schools in the Booroondara cluster. Students from Kingswood College and Scotch College joined six girls from Siena College (Charlotte Dickson, Bridie Warren, Gabriella Sakkos, Trinity Ng, Maddy Quin, and Maliana Tapusoa) to participate in learning activities that explored the theme of energy.

The students commenced the day with a session run by Mr James Houghton, from Siena College.  Through fun activities, they learnt about the bones and muscles of the body, energy systems and the importance of breakfast. They also learnt about the science of converting energy into movement and the importance of food choices in providing the body with the right fuel it needs for optimal performance.

Peta Mackintosh from Siena's Art faculty, took the students through an exploration of a range of wire sculptures that depict the theme of ‘’All Fired Up” through different facial expressions. Their task was to create a face using wire, working collaboratively in small groups. Their goal was to express their subject matter as energy, movement or mood and the final products were vastly different and very impressive. The final wire faces were projected up on the wall, casting shadows which portrayed how we can interpret people’s moods differently.

The last session for the day was run by Katherine Shone, a Sports Dietitian from Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre. She spoke to the students about energy, how it is measured and consumed, nutrition, and how nutrition enhances performance. She said there is no one "superfood" but reminded us of the importance of responding to your body’s cues. She said “One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating”.

Overall, the annual Year 8 enrichment day was highly successful. Students enjoyed the opportunity to learn content that broadened and extended their existing knowledge and were challenged to think creatively in their application of this knowledge.  The day provided students with the opportunity to mix with students from neighbouring schools in a stimulating environment. 

Student reflections:

Today’s workshop “All Fired Up” was a great experience that I had the privilege to take part in. I thought it was a great opportunity to mix with other schools and meet new people, while extending my understanding of energy through art and sport. In the way of art, I particularly enjoyed planning and constructing the wire faces and was ecstatic about the results that my group created. As someone who enjoys sport, I also enjoyed the nutritional advice we were given from a coach and dietitian.
Gabriella Sakkos 

Overall, this opportunity was really exciting. We got to learn about things we were particularly interested in such as sport, art and an overlying theme of energy. This day taught us about how energy relates to us in everyday life. As a group, we practised important skills like working cohesively, sharing and improving ideas and having fun.
Maliana Tapusoa. 

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