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French Exchange Program

French Exchange

Emily, Madeleine and Emilia of Year 11 will share their experience of the cultural exchange to France. They had the opportunity to spend five weeks with host families, attend school in Lille and immerse themselves in the French language. 

On 8 December 2018, the three of us left for the unique and rewarding experience of French exchange for five weeks in the city of Lille. We welcomed the French students last year in June/July which was a very memorable experience being able to share our culture and routines with our French parallels. In France, we attended  school each week day from 8:10am-5:30pm and had the option to eat lunch outside of school or have the canteen food. Classrooms weren’t very dissimilar to Australia, however, the school was coeducational, and free dress was allowed. Partaking in regular excursions, we discovered the city of Lille with the other French exchange members – including visiting the Australian War Memorial, Swimming Pool Museum, a nougat factory and the belfry of the town hall. 

Going on this trip was life changing, we:

• Improved our vocabulary, confidence in speaking and listening comprehension skills
• Were immersed in French life and culture
• Created international contacts – a French family for life
• Travelled around France (Paris, Mont St Michel, Sud de France, La Sein and famous monuments) and other parts of
   Europe, including, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium
• Ate French cuisine
• Learnt about the French schooling system
• Shopped
• Spent a wonderful Christmas and New Years with our exchange family

French exchange was a truly enriching experience and is recommended for any student studying French who enjoys the subject and is interested in broadening their understanding of France, the culture and the language. If you are considering going on French exchange, we highly suggest that you take this rare opportunity and go!




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