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Creative Commerce

On Wednesday, 9 May, Charlotte Goldfinch, Mikayla Rollnik and Abbey Harford joined fifty other Year 8 students at Fintona Girls School for a day of Creative Commerce entitled Can your Business Survive and Thrive or will it Dive?  Participating schools included Scotch College, Camberwell Girls Grammar, Strathcona, Kingswood College, and Camberwell Grammar School.

A guest speaker from the financial markets spoke to the students about the stock market and buying and selling shares. This led to a scenario based game where each team competed against other teams to lead a successful business.  During the day, the students were engaged in problem solving techniques as part of investing in a business. Each student team made up a company and valued it using a cashflow model and had to face the issues that businesses round the world face today. They had to model the changes in the cashflows that these issues created and use their knowledge and teamwork skills to solve the problems that arose from those issues. 

The day was a wonderful experience with students being challenged to collaborate and think creatively and critically in the assessment of their company valuation.

Heather O’Keefe
Learning Enhancement

I learnt how unpredictable the stock market is and how even small changes can make a huge difference in shares and profits.  You need to be adaptable, but consistent at the same time, you need to know what you’re up against and how you can make yourself better, and end on top.  I liked working with other schools and people and using Excel, because I’ve never used it before.  A lot of fun and numbers!
Abbey Harford, Year 8

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