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Service to the Community

Our Service to the Community program was launched back in February and since then, Siena students have been involved in many exciting and powerful Justice initiatives. They are keen to make a difference and help bring about change in our community.  I am hearing wonderful stories of students accompanying their parents on the Soup Van, to bring nourishment and warmth to the homeless of Melbourne on these cold Winter evenings. We also have a dedicated group who give their time on a Tuesday morning before school preparing sandwiches at St Dominic’s parish centre. 

Other students have shown compassion and kindness for the elderly as they serve at the St Dominic’s parish Seniors’ lunch, brightening the day for those older people enjoying an afternoon of friendship and companionship. Marching in support of asylum seekers here in Australia had a profound impact on many of our students who attended the Palm Sunday rally.

Practical service such as baking cakes for the St Dominic’s cake stall, enabled our students to support the work of the FCJ Sisters at Patayas, a community on the edges of a rubbish dump on the outskirts of Querzon City in the Philippines. The aim of the Sisters is to educate the young people and lift them out of the cycle of poverty. 

A few of our senior students took up the offer from FareShare to volunteer in their kitchen in Abbotsford to help make meals for those in need during the Term 1 holidays. With the rising cost of living, the number of people needing assistance with food is growing constantly. Last year, FareShare supported thousands of children, women and men by cooking 1.1 million meals.  It is exciting to hear about the creative ways our students are making real and valued contributions that are life changing and empowering, because they understand that we can make a difference by engaging compassionately in our world.

We remind our students that Service to the Community challenges us to look for ways to understand the lives of others who are impacted by poverty and injustice in our community so that we can work to bring about change and make a difference in our world.  Our Dominican educational journey asks of us to walk with others, to see and respond to the Truths in our society of the marginalised, the oppressed and the poor in our community.  

Please remember that, in the true spirit of Service to the Community, the following guidelines apply:

  • Volunteering is to be done out of school hours
  • Must be unpaid
  • Needs to benefit others in the community
  • Will be reflected in the completed and signed Record of Service and given to the House Group teacher each semester to be recorded on the Semester Report.

Thank you to our students who are giving of their time and talents so generously and selflessly to bring about joy and justice for others.

The team making sandwiches for the Soup Van: Justina Flunt, Ava Briglia, Abbie Sullivan, Gabrielle Vogels, Manaswi Vulpala, Abigail Millar 
Pictured at Seniors afternoon tea: Madeline Castoldi

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