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Ethics Olympiad at Scotch College

On Friday, 17 May, ten Year 11 Philosophy students represented Siena College at the inaugural Australian Senior School Ethics Olympiad, held at Scotch College. The participants were Adrienne Duray, Kayla Gadaleta, Sophie Gurney, Teagan Matthews, Sofia Mueller, Jessica Ovens, Serena Potter, Olivia Redford, Annie Walsh and Natasha Walsh. Our girls made up two teams of five students and both teams competed in three rounds of adjudicated discussion. The discussions were based on a selection of case studies where ethical and moral considerations were to be explored. Each round was judged by the adjudicators against a set of criteria and points allocated from a possible total of sixty points. 

A part of each round consisted of both competing teams answering unforeseen questions, posed by the adjudicator, connected to the case study under consideration. The students really had to 'think on their feet'. 

Points were also awarded for concise, clear and respectful discourse. 

The event was extremely interesting for all concerned. Congratulations must be offered to St. Leonards College, who were awarded the Gold Medal on the day, the Silver Medal went to Presbyterian Ladies College and the Bronze Medal was awarded to Mac.Robertson Girls High School. However, based on raw scores for each round of competition, Siena College ranked in sixth place on the list of eleven participating schools which was a very pleasing result considering the very high standard of the competition.

Congratulations go to our two participating teams. We look forward to the next opportunity to participate in the Victorian Senior School Ethics Olympiad!




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