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Humankind Enterprises at Siena

On Monday, 20 May, Humankind Enterprises worked with the first two of our five Year 9 English classes to begin a program that has a multi-faceted focus, enhancing student wellbeing, increasing our student’s intercultural awareness and growing their sense of community social connectedness.

Each Year 9 student will be invited to become a part of the Community Connectors program, which will run out of the Learning Centre in Term 3. Students will be connected with a member of our shared community to record their story, building new social connections and skills. Students will learn how to record stories using different pieces of equipment, practice active listening skills and at conclusion of the program, will share these stories with the broader Siena Community. 

The remaining Year 9 classes will complete the beginner workshop at the start of Term 3, prior to the commencement of the Community Connectors program. The Wellbeing Team, in conjunction with the English faculty and the Learning Centre are looking forward to learning the stories of the people around us. 

Please follow the link below to see the work Humankind Enterprises have done over the last three years:

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