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Learning Centre News

On Mondays in the Learning Centre, students are invited to participate in gaming activities.  The lunch time sessions are facilitated by Learning Centre staff member and Library Technician Sam Redman.  These sessions have proved to be very popular with students across all year levels as they come together to play with and against their friends or students previously unknown to them.  This new activity has added a playful and collaborative atmosphere to the Learning Centre and has brought students in to the space who may have previously not visited before.  Though we recognise that lunch times are a good opportunity to disconnect from technology, we also appreciate the benefits that gaming can bring. 

You may be interested in reading more about the educational and social benefits of gaming:

At the beginning of Term 2, a student facilitated current affairs conversation group commenced.  Students across all year levels are invited to attend and participate in conversations about issues concerning young people.  Thus far, popular topics have included the lead up to the election and the discussion of differing party policies on key issues followed by a debrief of the election result. This week, in recognition of Reconciliation Week, the conversation explored the relationship between our First Nation peoples and other Australians.  We discussed past policies and considered how a treaty may put Australia on the path to a more positive future.  The group runs at lunch on Tuesday in the Learning Centre Classroom.

On Tuesdays after school, Learning Centre staff member and Library Technician Barb Edwards runs Craft Club.  Any interested students may attend.  Craft Club encourages students to be creative and to work on a variety of projects for enjoyment.  Students across all year levels are invited to attend and all materials are supplied.  As Tuesday is an early departure afternoon for students, this provides some students with an enjoyable after school activity, allowing them to mindfully disconnect from the academic focus of their day.

On Wednesdays, the Learning Enhancement Centre in conjunction with Dark Horse Chess run Chess Club in one of the Learning Centre spaces.  All students are welcome regardless of their experience or expertise in Chess.  Students play against each other or members of staff and sometimes receive some strategic tips from the Dark Horse team.  Additionally, at lunch a student facilitated Anime Club runs.  Students can sit on the couches and enjoy watching Anime with other like minded peers.

After school on Wednesday, the Learning Enhancement staff run Homework Club.  All students are invited to attend and benefit from the expertise of the staff member running the session.  This is an opportunity for any student to get additional assistance with their work, or just to be given the opportunity to work in a structured and supervised environment.   

On Fridays at lunch the English Faculty run Siena Writers’ Group.  The group is open to all students who enjoy writing as a form of expression.  Students use this time to craft original pieces of work and to share these pieces with others. This term the group plans to launch their first online publication.  Additionally, at lunch on Fridays the Eco Warriors meet.  This group of students discuss issues of concern regarding the environment.  The students are considering ways in which the Siena community can act more responsibility regarding environmental issues.

Evidently, there is a lot going on each week in the Learning Centre! The Learning Centre is open each morning from 8.00am and closes in the afternoon at 4:30pm.  All students are warmly welcomed to enjoy some quiet time, the chance to catch up on homework, browse the shelves and borrow a book, or participate in any one of the activities listed above.   









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