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Learning and Teaching


This year NAPLAN testing was done online for the first time with all of our Year 7 and Year 9 students completing their tests over three days. We are very pleased to report that this was completed successfully. Our IT department, administration staff and teaching staff did an excellent job assisting our students. 

Parents will receive the results later on in the year.

Semester 1 Examinations

We wish our Unit 3 students well as they sit their compulsory VCAA GAT (General Achievement Test) on 12 June. A reminder that there will be no Year 11 or 12 classes on this day. 

We also wish our Years 9 to 11 students well as they prepare for their Semester Examinations. The revision materials are now available to students on Siena Central.

Examinations commence on Monday, 17 June and conclude on Friday, 21 June. If a student is unable to attend an examination for some reason, parents and guardians must please contact their Head of Student Wellbeing and Student Reception to report the absence. A student will receive a NS (not submitted, no penalty) for a school sanctioned reason, such as illness, or a NA (not assessed, zero) for a school non-sanctioned reason.

Friday, 21 June is also the last day of Term 2 for students. As has been previously communicated, the week starting Monday, 24 June is Staff Week, when exams will be marked, reports prepared and Professional Learning will take place. Years 9 to 11 examinations will be returned via House Group at the start of Term 3 and results will be entered onto Siena Central on Wednesday, 26 June.
Semester 1 reports will be available through the Parent Portal on Friday, 28 June.

The College will be closed on Monday, 10 June in celebration of the Queen’s Birthday.

Semester 2 classes will commence on Monday, 15 July.

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