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Pedagogical Model

Siena Pedagogical Model

As shared earlier in the year, our staff are also active participants in Siena’s culture of learning as we continue to share our expertise and collaboratively develop our Pedagogical Model. As a part of our Tuesday Professional Practice Time, staff continue to build skills, share conversation and experience and engage with educational research around best pedagogical practice. This process has enabled many to share their expertise and skill and assists in ensuring that all our students benefit from the wealth of professional experience we have at Siena.

Student voice will be sought around approaches and activities that best support learning within the classroom environment. This may be in the form of a survey or other methods within the classroom. Students are encouraged to communicate to their teacher what assists them to learn throughout the flow of a lesson. This is a year long process and parents are invited to engage with their daughter regarding how lesson structure can best facilitate her learning. Assisting students to understand and articulate their learning gives them greater agency over their learning and furthers their ability to understand where growth is possible. 

Siena Central Parent Survey

Thank you to all parents who participated in our Online Survey, the response was very strong. The feedback has enabled us to address some of the concerns raised. We will continue to access opportunities to improve our communication with parents through Siena Central and welcome any suggestions.

Regarding issues with password, we have implemented a new system if a password reset is required. Please see instructions below:

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