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Pinocchio Excursion

Student Reflection

On Wednesday, 15 May, the Unit 3/4 drama class viewed the ‘Make A Scene’ theatre company’s production of Pinocchio. The one-man-show is based on the darker, original tale of Pinocchio and condenses thirty seven chapters into one ninety minute play. The production was performed in a Commedia dell’Arte style, incorporating the use of traditional masks, exaggerated movement, mime, satire, improvisation and audience interaction. The performance was a very useful opportunity for the Unit 3/4 students to view the application of various dramatic conventions, performance skills, expressive skills and dramatic elements that have been learn about in class. The group will then analyse and evaluate Pinocchio as a part of their upcoming assessments. 

Overall, the class really enjoyed the performance and the topical references to the recent election, political mishaps of the past, celebrity gossip and relatable school problems! 

Elena Cruz

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